Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bukowski Blues

Bukowski Blues

People ache
and groan and god
do they moan
about their simple lives.
they cry
over affluent losses.
Chinaski said it
Don’t bother me
with your fetid melodrama.
And here I am,
a hypocrite.
I complain
of all those bitches.
You’re obsessed
over damned
You whine instead
of forgiving.
I don’t care
about you
nor your complaints.
Give up
your bull-shit
You try to hard
to make us feel
to make us think.
Bukowski said it
Don't try.
And here I am,
a hypocrite.
I'm tired
of you
and your over-dramatic-
spewed out shit --
your thoughts
in words
splattered on pages
in lines and meters.
Shit you call poetry.
Bukowski said it best:
Don’t write poetry.
And here I am,
a hypocrite.
Maybe you feel
I hate people,
I don't.
It's just...
Bukowski said it best,
I seem to feel better
when people aren't
And here I am.


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